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Frequently asked Questions

Do you direct bill to insurance companies?


Yes, with most insurance companies we can direct bill so that you only have to pay the difference (if any) between the cost of service and the amount covered.

FAQ direct billing

How do you set up your equipment? How much space do you need to be able to set up the mobile service?

Our equipment is 100% mobile. We bring a chair that folds out, a dental unit, a whitening system, and all we need to provide you and your family the exact same hygiene care you’ve received at a traditional office but in your space. All we need is an approximately 2 meters square and a bathroom with a sink available.

Do you take x-rays?

Yes. We work with certified mobile dental x-ray equipment. X-rays help the Dental Hygienist, but are not limited, to diagnosing cavities, checking the presence of tartar below your gum, checking the health of the bony area around the tooth, checking on whether permanent teeth are developing (for children), and coming in properly, to check if any teeth are impacted (unable to come through the gums) and to determine if you have bone loss. 

Our mobile unit is digital, allowing us to take images using the least amount of radiation possible. If x-rays are needed and upon your request, copies can be forwarded directly to other health/dental providers.

Mobile x-rays

Which areas do you serve?

Our main service are is  Central Alberta but any other area in Alberta may be served.  If you are located outside Central Alberta please contact us in advance so we can evaluate the possibility  and provide you an answer

How does Instrument Sterilization work?

On the Way Mobile Dental Hygiene is fully inspected and follows all procedures and protocols any dental office is required to follow to sterilize its instruments. 

If I need a Dental treatment, for example, a filling, how to proceed?

You don’t need to change your Dentist if you are happy with him/her. In case the Dental Hygienist diagnoses you with a decay,you need a filling, or any other dental treatment that is not on the scope of a Dental Hygienist you will have the option to be referred to your Dentist or if you need we can refer you to a Dentist with whom we work closely. All your records taken such as Probing and x-rays can be transferred to your Dentist upon request. After completing your dental treatment the Dentist will refer you back to our clinic to keep performing your regular dental hygiene appointments with us

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